Jon Lieff

Website Development
Dr. Jon Lieff is a neuropsychiatrist with a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics from Yale University and a Doctorate in Medicine from Harvard Medical School. Known as an innovator in several medical fields, he pioneered the creation of integrated treatment units that focus on complex patients with combined medical, psychiatric, and neurological problems.

Over the years, Dr. Lieff has researched the question of where the mind can be found in nature. At first, his inquiry related to neuroscience and the interactions of psychiatric, neurological, and medical conditions but he has since expanded his study to include intelligence in a wide range of animals, and eventually individual cells, microbes, and viruses.

Alter Endeavors worked with Jon to update his website, Searching for the Mind, in order for his library of blog content to be easily sorted through depending on the topic. Jon has also recently released, The Secret Language of Cells, which synthesizes his twelve years of intensive analysis of the scientific literature in a manner that makes it clear and understandable for general science readers and scientific experts. His website now serves as a central hub for all of the projects Jon is involved in — from his book, blog posts, speaking engagements, and press pieces.

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