Monocoque Diversified Interests

Ongoing Site Management, Website Development

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Mary Alice Keyes, Equity Partner
Sean "Leo"Nadeau, Equity Partner
Rachel Clark, Executive Assistant

Pushing the boundaries of both design and development, Monocoque Diversified Interests, MDI, came to Alter Endeavors looking to build a robust site that could not only be used to reference their services by their sales team, as well as serve as a communication vehicle with their investors.

MDI represents a unique investment opportunity for their clients so the goal was to implement necessary functionalities such as an “engine ticker” that displays the engine MDI currently supports, a backend login system for investors to view documents and files, all while establishing a clear and coherent look for the brand.

The Alter Endeavors team guided MDI through the animation process with Erik Niells, of Square Bear Studios, to also create a unique application of their logo animated on the menu navigation page as well as to use in other marketing collateral. The theme of Monocoque is movement, and progress- a theme that translates throughout the site.

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