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The Prime Clinic is a different kind of men’s clinic located in Austin, Texas. Dr. David Cross, a board-certified physician, specializes exclusively in male sexual performance and satisfaction. Dr. Cross focuses on function, not dysfunction, by offering a full range of treatment options.

David approached the Alter Endeavors team to discuss giving his company, then Pure Performance for Men, a complete rebrand. We took him through our process, beginning with a Brand Strategy Guide + Roadmap. This process allows our team to research the industry and its competitors and then create a brand that stands out in its values, visuals, and mission.

During this process, we devised a new name, logo, and tagline — to then be applied to a search-engine-optimized and mobile-friendly website that was designed and developed by AE. After launching The Prime Clinic website, David worked with the Digital Marketing team to apply the strategy set forth in the Brand Strategy Guide + Roadmap. We currently manage The Prime Clinic’s social media channels, digital advertising, and email marketing. 

It has been a pleasure to work with David and we truly believe that The Best is Yet to Come!

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