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Sunny Vanderbeck is the author of Selling Without Selling Out and co-founder of investment firm Satori Capital, alongside Randy Eisenman. Their vision is to partner with the leadership teams of the companies they would fund to create enduring, industry-leading businesses that embrace the tenets of conscious capitalism. In doing so, they fulfill their firm’s purpose: To create, fund, and inspire businesses that elevate humanity.

We worked with Sunny Vanderbeck to develop the platform for his personal brand, as he regularly speaks publicly and advises businesses on topics such as business strategy, capital allocation, and conscious capitalism. His website serves as a tool for potential clients, with a depth of workbooks and articles to convey his message. Utilizing Catch Engine, we worked to build “The Readiness Assessment,” which is a clear starting point for business owners who are preparing to sell and want to do so in a way that benefits all involved.

The end result is a platform that communicates Sunny’s authority on the topics of business strategy, capital allocation, and conscious capitalism. For those who are on the verge of selling their business, they know that taking the Readiness Assessment and reading Sunny’s book, Selling Without Selling Out, are the clear next steps.

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