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Rusty Shelton, Expert on Authority Marketing

A Digital PR agency specializing in Authority Marketing who also happens to be a channel partner of Alter Endeavors and sister agency. Zilker Media boasts of a client list ranging from Chicken Soup for the Soul to Captain Sullenberger. Their efforts have seen dozens of authors to Best Seller lists and even more speakers stand up in front of thousands. 

When it came time to build and rebuild the Zilker Media website, it was imperative that we make it shimmer and shine. This site demonstrates Alter Endeavors’s ability to adapt our process to work alongside another agency on elements like design, site structure and content. When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, UX/UI, site stability and conversion goals however, Zilker let us take the lead. The end result is fast, effective¬†

  • Number of clients on Best Seller Lists: 12+
  • Client perks: Happy Hour Partners
  • Must Read: Authority Marketing by Rusty Shelton
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