In 2011, we founded Alter Endeavors to reintroduce one of the most important elements to the digital marketing industry – the human one.

Our clients are all experts in something; whether it’s real estate, painting, moving, food, wine, finances or something equally as important. It’s our job to communicate your passion and your brand to the world. We specialize in social media integration, digital marketing strategies, SEO, and website design and development so that they work cohesively with your offline efforts.

Technology is important, but it should never replace the human element of your brand – your passion, your expertise, your customer service, your performance. As consultants, it’s important to us to find our clients the best of the best. If we don’t offer it in-house, we have a powerful group of affiliates and channel partners who will line up with us to get you where you need to go.

Your online brand matters now more than ever to the survival of your company. Let us help you bring the Human Element of your brand, your company, and your voice to your web presence and establish you as the thought leader in your industry.

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Jamie Martin Alter – Digital Marketing Director

With a master’s degree in public history and undergraduate degrees in history and international studies, Jamie has over eight years of experience in intensive research, and well-developed writing and communication skills. Over the course of the last two years, Jamie has served as a Curator for two different museums, while working part-time as a Content Developer for Alter Endeavors. In January of 2013, Jamie began working full-time for Alter Endeavors, translating her curatorial skills and ability to interpret history for the public, to creating valuable content for targeted demographics and helping clients to reach and engage with their desired audience through telling their brand’s story. Having married Nick in 2009, she is an expert on managing both her husband and her Shih Tzu.

Nicholas Alter – CEO

Leader of this merry band, Nick has worked with over 50 brands in the past four years – including commercial real estate, medical, food, services, authors to name a few. The focus for Alter Endeavors stems from Nick’s passion for stories and technology. After graduating from Southwestern University with an English and Communications double major, Nick started as a content developer/strategist which quickly evolved into a consulting position for a number of brands in Austin, Dallas and Houston. After six months as a freelance consultant, he started Alter Endeavors back in 2011 to meet the needs of his clients and begin drawing together incredible talent to accomplish his clients’ goals.

Aubrey Berkowitz – Business Development

Aubrey brings a clear eyed, marketing informed perspective to business development. He is your go-to for making your online presence its most effective. As marketing/sales manager, he was instrumental in the success of one of our clients, SMB Health Consulting. With that, and his savvy oversight of the rebranding of Arctic Wolf Ice Center to Spirit Ice, we had to have Aubrey on the Alter Endeavor’s team. Aubrey brings practical, real world brick and mortar know-how to building your brand online. He is a graduate of Texas A&M University, head coach of the University of Texas Ice Hockey team, and an accomplished guitarist.

Stephen Burton – Branding Genius and Graphic Designer

Stephen is about vision. He is a genius when it comes to Brand Identity Development. (No, he didn’t write this about himself.) Alter Endeavors is proud to have Stephen Burton on our team of incredibly talented individuals. Our portfolio speaks volumes for Stephen’s talents as a graphic designer and branding visionary. As an example, Stephen is largely responsible for the iconic Square Cow Moovers logo and graphics seen around Texas by thousands of folks every day.

Rachel Clark – Projects Assistant

Rachel graduated from Texas State University with a Bachelors in Advertising with a minor in Art and Design. Creativity, collaboration, and dedication are the foundations of everything she does in life and at work. Combining her years of experience with art, design, and writing with her knowledge of strategy and planning, she aims to work with people to develop websites that make meaningful connections with those they most want to reach. She is fueled by coffee and donuts and would like to know if she can pet your dog.

Christopher “Topher” Jennings – Director of Operations

With 20+ years of design, marketing, and project management experience, Christopher is ideally suited to oversee our operations. Design, content, development, customer interaction, and timelines—he makes sure the individual gears of Alter Endeavors are greased and turning. From concept to completion, he ensures the pieces are in place, delivering your site on time with the elements for online success intact. He’s put his expertise to work in other arenas, such as animation lead on Richard Linklater’s A Scanner Darkly, and is the author and illustrator of a stack of children’s books.

Teylor Schiefelbein – Digital Marketing Strategist

Teylor has a passion for writing, especially of the blogging variety. She believes bringing a healthy dose of personality to a brand’s social media is the key to building a relationship with the public. Teylor has a travel and health blog of her own, Have Health Will Travel. She graduated from Concordia University with a degree in Communication, specializing in Public Relations, and a minor in Business.

Christie Zangrilli – Art Director, UI/UX Lead

For the past 10 years, Christie has been working with clients to bring their brand to life. She loves to craft websites that are not only user-friendly and attractive, but also work hard to optimize the company’s message. Committed to good design, Christie firmly believes that visual communication is the often underestimated key to success in business. Growing up in an entrepreneurial family, Christie understands the challenges owners face and strives to be thier creative advocate through out the process.

Christie has a MFA in Design from UT Austin and a BA in Communications from New York University.

Lulu – Mascot, Morale-Booster, Chief Snuggler, Wearer of Bows

The world’s hardest working lap dog ensures that all Alter Endeavors staff members are never without companionship or have to suffer through a cold lap. Lulu, a Shih Tzu, is a constant presence behind the computer screen. She enjoys cookies, snuggling, chewing on laundry (dirty or clean, either will do) and licking anyone’s face she can.