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In 2011, we founded Alter Endeavors to reintroduce one of the most important elements to the digital marketing industry – the human one.

Our clients are all experts in something. It’s our job to communicate your brand and passion to the world. We offer branding, platform development and management, and digital marketing services that work together for a complete and powerful digital ecosystem. 

What is a “Digital Ecosystem?”

A healthy digital ecosystem features website design, marketing assets, and social content that reflect and celebrate your brand! We ensure each element of your strategy works together to spread your message and reinforce your name.

Technology is important, but it should never replace the human element of your brand – your passion, your expertise, and your story need to be at the center, no matter what platform you’re using. As digital storytellers, we have the ability to influence those who have yet to hear of your brand, as well as remind your current audience of all the ways your brand stands out.


If you’d like this Austin-based agency to be the one to build your Digital Ecosystem, then you ought to get to know the faces behind the screen!


We’re a Friendly Bunch

  • Nicholas Alter
  • Jamie Martin Alter
  • Teylor Schiefelbein
  • Steve Joiner
  • Aubrey Berkowitz
  • Sean Flamand
  • Jonathan “Nic” Weiss

Leader of this merry band, Nick has worked with hundreds of brands across a myriad of different sectors – from commercial real estate to healthcare, service companies to retail, thought leaders to startups. The focus for Alter Endeavors stems from Nick’s passion for stories and technology. After graduating from Southwestern University with an English and Communications double major, Nick started as a freelance content developer & strategist which quickly evolved into a consulting position for a number of brands in Austin, Dallas and Houston.


After 2 years as a freelance consultant, Alter Endeavors was founded back in 2011 to meet the growing needs of Nick’s freelance clients – drawing together incredible talent to accomplish client goals. Today, Nick continues to serve as a consultant for Alter Endeavors’ growing client base while also researching and pulling together new strategies and programs for a constantly evolving digital marketing space. Nick is always available for a game of racquetball or happy hour, whichever works for you, he’s flexible.


“Brands succeed by celebrating who they are and what they do – all the while inviting others to participate. You know, like happy hour.  Everybody loves to celebrate five o’clock somewhere. Selling never works. If we have to sell who you are, then we’ve already lost, like trying to sell your family and friends timeshare. No faster way to lose family and friends than trying to sell them timeshare…or really long quotes. Nobody appreciates really long quotes.”


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With a master’s degree in public history and undergraduate degrees in history and international studies, Jamie has spent her entire adult life conducting intensive research and developing a diverse array of writing and communication skills. From 2011 – 2013 Jamie served as a Curator for two different museums, while working part-time as a Content Developer for Alter Endeavors. In January of 2013, Jamie began working full-time for Alter Endeavors, translating her curatorial skills and ability to interpret history for the public to crafting effective content marketing campaigns for targeted demographics. Today Jamie helps Alter Endeavors’ clients develop and execute digital marketing strategies to reach and engage with their desired audience. Having married Nick in 2009, she is an expert on managing both her husband and her Shih Tzu.


“Nick, you can’t wear that to a meeting. No, not that one. Here, wear the Shih Tzu shirt I made you.”


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Teylor has a passion for writing and getting to the heart of how brands differentiate themselves in the marketplace. While Teylor started as a Digital Marketing Strategist at Alter Endeavors, she has since spent 2 years as Director of Digital Marketing, before moving into her current role as COO. In this position, she helps develop internal operations and processes to further improve client experience and supports department Directors in their respective roles to achieve personal & professional goals. 

“Better to see a place once, than to hear about it a thousand times.”


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As our Director of Web Management Services, Steve manages a department of developers, graphic designers and webmasters to assist a network of Alter Endeavors client websites with updates and fixes through AE’s tech support system. Better yet, he created that tech support system, allowing Alter Endeavors’ clients to get friendly and fast help with updating their site or addressing any issues that may occur. Steve has years of expertise in many arenas, having been a Director of Operations and IT Director, with specialties in Database Programming and SEO. His hobbies include playing the guitar, singing in the church choir and attending UT football and basketball games.


“Be the person your dog thinks you are.”

-J.W. Stephens


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Aubrey brings a practical eye to digital marketing and specifically how digital marketing strategies and solutions interact with your website. A graduate of Texas A&M University, Aubrey started as the Marketing Director and Youth Hockey Director and oversaw the rebranding of Arctic Wolf Ice Center into Spirit Arena. Originally coming to Alter Endeavors as the Director of Business Development, Aubrey looks to bring a conversion focus to all of the websites built by Alter Endeavors, in addition to world class design. Aubrey also serves as the Head Coach of the University of Texas Ice Hockey team.

“Teamwork is the delicate balance between standing out and fitting in.”
-John Couret

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As AE’s Content and SEO Specialist, Sean creates and optimizes content that speaks to the needs of human and robot audiences alike. Sean holds a BA in English with a minor in Spanish, and he received a MAPH degree in Linguistics from the University of Chicago. In other words, he has a great passion for language and all the ways it shapes the world around us, including the constantly shifting landscape of digital marketing. Sean joined AE in 2021 after years of freelancing as a copywriter and editor, and he is excited to lead our SEO charge. When he isn’t writing, Sean loves watching and dissecting movies, cooking new foods, playing video games, traveling, and wandering around in nature—especially prairies.

“If you show someone something you’ve written, you give them a sharpened stake, lie down in your coffin, and say, ‘When you’re ready.”

―David Mitchell, Black Swan Green

Nic oversees the Digital Marketing department at Alter Endeavors, conducting research for our comprehensive Go To Market Strategy Guide, ensuring that strategy is carried out across all platforms and measuring its success along the way.  He also serves as our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialist, working to improve client’s search rankings online. With his past experience in compliance and digital advertising, Nic applies his knowledge of industry best practices — providing his clients with high-level service. Nic attended Concordia University Texas and studied Business Management with a concentration in Marketing while playing soccer. A traveler at heart, Nic enjoys experiencing new cultures and cuisines along the way.


“If you are allergic to a thing, it is best not to put that thing in your mouth, particularly if the thing is cats.”

-Lemony Snicket


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