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Meet the Linear Path Framework, the simple yet powerful approach to marketing our agency uses to help you achieve sustainable growth.

The Linear Path Framework

The road to full market adoption is linear, a sequence of events that need to be followed if you want to achieve sustainable growth. In order to start or keep winning your market, your audience needs to see your offering(s) as a priority, a bridge if you will, to their critical path needs.

Alter Endeavors adopted the Linear Path, an approachable framework designed to assess the strength of your marketing bridge through a series of core questions. Our marketing agency then develops a comprehensive growth strategy based on your goals that our team can effectively execute with extreme but predictable success every time.

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Meet the Linear Path Framework, a predictable and sustainable approach to marketing.

  • You are "here" but you want to be "there," but you don’t know how because your marketing bridge is broken or you don't know how to build it. Attend our free Webinar to identify your next steps.

  • Our uniquely better marketing framework gets to the heart of why your marketing hasn't been as successful as you'd like and provides a roadmap on how to get "there."

  • Whether you're looking for a partner to develop a Go to Market strategy for your existing brand, or a growth marketing agency that can execute from start to finish—we're here for you.


Before presenting you with solutions, let’s give more thought to what’s broken by looking at the key pieces of your marketing bridge. Our exploratory assessment process focuses on a core set of questions to help identify whether your bridge has any gaps.




The components of “Brand” include your business strategy, the story you tell, and your visual identity. We must start by ensuring that the brand’s written narrative and visual identity connect with the core functions of the business. If your brand lacks clarity in its core functions (what problem you solve, who you solve it for, what makes your brand uniquely better, and your guaranteed outcomes)—how can your narrative or visual identity be truly compelling?

Fortunately, our team’s expertise is in translating the answers to the above questions into a narrative and identity that resonates with your target audience and spurs them to action.



Once the “Brand” component is deemed great, the next step is to build a platform that does it justice. Any user, whether it be the company’s #1 fan or a cold lead, should have a clear path to learn, engage, and convert. 

Because our approach to websites stems from the “Brand,” our team is clear on the business’s core functions and is able to execute in a way that marries best practices across user experience, design, search engine optimization, and website content.


Digital Marketing

How would you rather enter the market? With an intentional, data-driven Go to Market Strategy that includes a roadmap and anticipated success metrics or by throwing marketing dollars at anything and everything you can think of and seeing what sticks?

While there is always an element of testing and iterating any new approach, having a deliberate strategy allows business owners to entrust execution to the experts and pivot their attention to where it’s needed most. We then deploy the strategy as planned and report back as the story (AKA data) unfolds.


Web Management

As a growth marketing agency, we understand that your platform must scale alongside your business! After all, a website is not meant to be something you launch once, never to look at it again. Our Website Management team provides secure hosting as well as concierge services to ensure your platform is able to both support and contribute to your business’s growth. 

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