Business Mastery Seminar

Limitless – Business Mastery Seminar

Date: Thursday, February 23rd
Time: 12 PM
Where: Tech Ranch Austin, 8920 Business Park Dr, Suite 250
Austin, TX 78759
Why: To push your business beyond the productive and online limits you face.

At Alter Endeavors, we believe that it is essential that business owners receive continuing education.  Lifelong learners are better equipped to handle new challenges and can apply diverse solutions to new dilemmas. That’s why we’re excited to announce our partnership with Chris Gay of Focal Point Business Coaching to host “Limitless”the first installment of our Business Mastery Seminar Series. Oftentimes, business owners encounter limits both mentally, professionally, as well as systematically with their website. Limitless will discuss ways to increase productivity both in the workplace and with your business’ online efforts.

4 Ways to Grow Your Revenue

Chris Gay is a Focal Point Business Coach who brings years of real life experience to his clients. Chris was the owner/operator of several Roto Rooters in the Austin area before pursuing his passion for education and coaching. In his presentation, “Four Ways to Grow Your Revenue”, Chris will focus on how increasing your productivity one-tenth of 1% every day can have a massive impact on your bottom line. In addition, Chris will provide actionable steps to grow revenue and bottom line for your business.

Is Your Website Working for You

Our very own Nick Alter, Principal over here at Alter Endeavors, will be presenting on the topic “Is Your Website Working for You?” A website is no longer an online brochure. Nick will discuss how the sum of your online efforts begins with your website—or online hub. Furthermore, all of your digital marketing efforts should work in tandem to drive more conversions through your site, ultimately leading to more revenue. Is your website an impediment towards furthering conversions online? How does your site stack up? Is your website working for you?


Limitless, hosted at Tech Ranch Austin, will provide actionable steps for business owners to make an immediate impact on their business.  The two presentations will be followed by a 20 minute interactive Q&A portion for business owners to talk real experiences and receive valuable feedback. Take your business to new heights in 2017 and push beyond your limits by attending “Limitless”, the first installment of our Business Mastery Seminar Series.