creative services team

We’re a tight crew over here at AEDC⚡️and thought it was due time to properly introduce our Creative Services team.

Jonathan Olivo is our Director of Creative Services. He joined our team in the spring and has helped take our Website Design and Digital Marketing content to the next level. His partner in crime, Jade Wiggins, (her official title being Junior Graphic Designer) joined us this summer. Jonathan and Jade’s talent and eagerness to elevate the content we produce is contagious. I, Teylor, (Director of Digital Marketing) sat down with them to ask a couple of questions about their creative background and what inspires them!

What made you study Graphic Design?

Jonathan: Ever since I can remember I’ve been doodling or drawing, I would just spend hours in my room drawing. It wasn’t until I took a class called “Desktop Publishing” that really got me interested in graphic design. I had no idea what I had signed up for, but it turned out to basically be a Photoshop class. That was my first proper introduction into any sort of “design program” and I just loved it. From that moment on, I knew I wanted to go into the graphic design field.

Jade: When I was 18, the original plan was to get into 3D designing in a video game atmosphere or create 3D environments, so I took a prerequisite graphic design class at a local community college. One of my teachers really inspired me by explaining how much design builds trust in brands, encourages an artistic community, and sends a visual message that evokes feeling. I fell in love with graphic design after that.

What brands or designers inspire you most?

Jonathan: A few designers that I really admire and take inspiration from are: Paul Rand, Paula Scher (Pentagram), Jessica Walsh (Sagmeister & Walsh), Tinker Hatfield (Nike), Michael Bierut, and Christoph Niemann.

Jade: I am absolutely in love with Louise Fili, she is a New York-based designer who should be the envy of every designer. She is a classic art deco and art nouveau mastermind with a touch of modernity who has inspired a few of my personal projects. I’m also in love with some brands like Mohawk Fine Papers and Lush Handmade Cosmetics. I love the messages they send between their art direction in their branding and the promise in their products.

Where do you turn [non-internet related] to feed your creativity?

Jonathan: I love video games, it’s really cool to see what game developers do to push game design and art direction in their games in their pursuit of creating one-of-a-kind experiences. There’s nothing cooler than playing through an interactive story where you control what happens. But also just going out and experiencing the world, there are so many things to pull inspiration from, different cultures, architecture, food, murals, museums, anything that helps me look at something with a slightly new perspective. Plus, there’s always a lot of signage and logos to look at when I’m out and about — especially in Austin.

Jade: Almost anytime I am off work or have down time I am playing a video game. I love seeing how artists, writers, and producers breathe life into their ideas and set it in a 3D environment. I usually spend a lot of time watching big production movies or TV shows, and love listening to extras or behind the scenes of Art Directors explaining their vision and how they brought their creations to life. If I wasn’t already a graphic designer, I’d probably be on a movie set helping in production or directing.

What makes AEDC⚡️ different in terms of our Web Design and Digital Content?

Jonathan: I believe that AEDC⚡️ is constantly striving to push web design with well thought-out, objective-oriented online experiences while also advocating for design that enhances the user’s experience on any online platform or device.

Jade: AEDC⚡️really listens to what the client needs — whether that is for a product or a service. We take care to focus on a client request but we’re not afraid to apply craft and knowledge in order to push the client’s vision or web design where it needs to be for its success.

What’s on the horizon for the Creative Services team?

Jonathan: We’re starting to expand our creative services to clients — whether it be through brand strategy, brand identity, logo design, app design, or anything in between! We can create it for you!

Jade: I foresee a lot of growth in the creative services team! There are exciting things happening in our processes and strategies. The goal is to continue to listen to our clients’ vision for their brand and push those ideas further and really have a meaningful impact. I am very excited about our future at AEDC⚡️!