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Teylor Schiefelbein

Introducing Our Platform to SEO & Platform to Digital Marketing Packages

Our new platform to SEO and platform to digital marketing programs provide packages of website and lead generation services to quickly jumpstart your online presence.

Join me for a bit of a walk down memory lane. For the last ten years, custom-designed and developed websites have been a core offering at Alter Endeavors. We have launched no less than 200 projects in that time and have provided ongoing website support for a number of those businesses. As the digital landscape has shifted, so have we—moving from custom-coded sites and ACF-heavy builds to the user-friendly page-builder DIVI and improving our builds and process in at least a hundred different ways. We’ve kept to a core value, to always strive to be better, by building upon our knowledge across UX-UI, design, development, accessibility, responsiveness, etc.—all with the goal to provide a stellar experience and final product for our clients. 

In the name of striving to be better, we noticed a fundamental market shift that called for us to discuss topics like price point, timeline, and client bandwidth. To summarize months of conversation and numerous feedback loops, small to medium-sized business owners are focused on the return on their investments, and while the money, time, and energy invested in a project of considerable scale results in a beautiful platform that aids the business in their goals, those key resources have come to be a larger commitment than most decision-makers can take on.

Our New Program Enters the Chat

Now if a custom-designed and developed platform is one side of the coin, a quick and dirty deployed template design is the other. The latter may come about in the form of crossing your fingers with a Fiverr connection, rolling up your sleeves and deciding to learn WIX, or finding an existing template from a page builder like DIVI and just making it work out of necessity. We knew we could offer a better solution that values client resources and does not call for business owners to learn code or to hope their brother-in-law comes through this time. 

Our new digital marketing packages offer benefits that both extremes described above do not:

  1. A significantly shorter timeline as you receive your fully optimized website with compelling copy included in as soon as 4–6 weeks
  2. Our template options are specifically designed for your industry and audience while utilizing your unique branding—it will feel like your brand’s website.
  3. Our process requires less energy/time demand from clients while still having natural points for input and feedback.
  4. This program is at a more affordable price without cutting corners, enabling you to deploy marketing strategies like PR, SEO, and advertising, to see an ROI sooner.

The 4 Core Objectives:

Our platform to SEO and platform to digital marketing packages have been specifically designed for small to medium service-based business owners, as well as thought leaders & authors who want a platform that acts as a financial engine for their business but do not have the time, budget, or resources to embark on a big project. When building this process, we did so with the following four objectives at the forefront:

  1. Build your platform. Present options from the AE Catalog based on exploratory conversations and the end result is a custom-branded, search-engine-optimized website complete with compelling copy that is ready to convert users in 4–6 weeks.
  2. Create compelling content for the platform. Develop content for the platform while allowing the *CLIENT* to participate in real-time with the process—ensuring copy solves the pain points for your ideal customer.
  3. Drive organic traffic to the platform. Conduct intentional keyword research to then select optimal terms to apply to site content & optimize core pages according to SEO best practices.
  4. Create & deploy a sustainable lead generation strategy. Over the final three-month period, Alter Endeavors will build on the momentum of the Foundational SEO package, continuing to create and optimize long-form content while the potential to expand into other digital marketing strategies.

Beyond Website Launch

Rather than launch your website and wish you good luck, our goal is to set your business up for success across the digital board so to speak. We help drive sustainable lead generation by deploying what we know, sharing this information with you along the way, and ultimately setting your business up for success no matter if you continue to engage with us or bring your marketing efforts in-house. 

If you have any questions about the particulars of this new offering, feel free to shoot me an email at teylor@alterendeavors.com as I’d be more than happy to assess whether this program would be a good fit for your next venture.


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