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The Social Media Landscape: What to Know in 2023

New platforms? “New” platforms? AI-generated content? Here’s what you need to know about the social media landscape for the remainder of 2023.

Stay on Top of the Social Media Landscape

Social media can be overwhelming with constant algorithm changes and new platforms entering the game or “rebranding” (looking at you Threads and X). But with 76% of North Americans active on social media and over 4.74 billion users worldwide, small businesses should take their social media strategy seriously. You might be wondering what the current social media landscape is and if social media is even worth your time. These are a few things to keep in mind when planning your social media content for the remainder of 2023. 

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Investing in Social Media Is Investing in Customer Service

Reaching the right customers is more accessible now, but that also means that it is even harder to stand out among the competition. This is why brands are shifting to focus on reputation and customer loyalty. Attention-grabbing content on social won’t keep your brand afloat if your customers aren’t happy. Social media is an excellent place to build brand awareness and brand reputation. Listening to what your customers say on social media and implementing changes based on that feedback will help build brand loyalty. 

AI Isn’t Going to Replace Your Marketers

All of the artificial intelligence tools emerging in 2023 (Chat GPT, Photoshop Beta, etc.) have seriously shaken up the social media landscape. It is essential to note, though, that this technology can’t replace skilled marketers. AI could give them the tools to focus and redirect time and attention toward strategy and analytics. Howver, it won’t replace the people behind AI tailoring social media strategies and leveraging your data. 

The Social Search and SEO

More and more users are heading to social media before searching for a company on Google. In fact, 36% of Gen Z and 22% of millennials prefer to search for brands on social media more often than through search engines. Your social presence has become increasingly important. Just like SEO, your social media content can be optimized. Here are a few tips: 

  • Use relevant keywords and phrases in your bio 
  • Use relevant keywords and phrases in your social posts 
  • Are you easily searchable, or do you have different names across your platforms? 
  • Add your location and store hours if applicable 
  • Find the right time to post (when is your audience the most active)

Sharing the Same Content Across All Platforms Won’t Fly

It might be easier to share the same message, video, or graphic across your social media platforms with a simple copy and paste. However, social media platforms and your audience won’t like it, as the social media landscape has shifted in favor of more genuine, specific content.

That doesn’t have to mean creating “new” content for each platform, but simply adapting the content to match the platform’s strengths and adjust to your audience. The same content can be used, but your tone, language, and visuals should be suited for the platform. 

AE Is Here to Be Your Guide!

Navigating the social media landscape can be tricky and time-consuming. Because social media is constantly changing, it can be a lot to keep up with while trying to run a business.

When it comes to social media management here at Alter Endeavors, we don’t just post pretty pictures. The content created for your social platforms needs to be strategic and engage users at each point in their customer journey. If you’re struggling with your social media management and creation, reach out to our team, and we can evaluate your current social media approach and help boost your business! 


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