website maintenance company

Thoughts about the value of a website maintenance company were raised when Christopher Jennings, our Chief Operating Officer at Alter Endeavors, and I had a fascinating conversation awhile back. At the end of the day, we are not creating a product that is permanent. We’re building a product that will eventually break, need updates, and need maintenance— not dissimilar to an automobile. Websites can stand the test of time, but the intention should never be to build one website for “eternity”. Why you ask?

Because that’s not how the internet works.

The internet is an ever-changing depiction of digital communication. How your website “speaks” to potential clients is your most important call to action. What are they there to do on your site? Your calls to action should clearly communicate the goals of your site the user. For example, ten years ago, it required a complicated CRM system to implement a reservation system on a website. Now? There’s a WordPress plug in for it. If you can envision something, there’s likely a WordPress plug in or application that can be used (SHAMELESS PLUG: or our super talented dev team can make it happen).

And the future of the web? It’s only evolving at a quicker rate. Five years ago, being mobile friendly was not our top priority at Alter Endeavors. Then “Mobilegeddon” happened. Google updated it’s mobile search algorithm to prioritize mobile friendly sites. As a result, we had to pivot our development focus to make sure that mobile friendly and CSS responsive were key elements of all of our sites.

And that’s the nature of the internet.

It’s a reactionary industry by default, where ideas are morphed, sculpted, evolved by the collective digital “consciousness”. As an agency, you run an inherent risk by trying to get ahead of the curve. A website maintenance company has an obligation to its clients to know the right answers. It has to be as flexible as the web.

But what does this actually mean?

Websites have now become a series of templates, plug ins, and themes all working in cohesion. Like a machine, your website needs constant attention to make sure it’s running correctly. Most companies don’t have the time to manage their websites, so they just let them sit. This is a reckless business practice. Your website is your online hub. If it goes down, you run the risk of lost dollars in your pocket.

Here’s an example: I spoke with a business owner whose contact form was down. He had no clue how long the form wasn’t working or how many potential clients were unable to contact him. I mean this as hyperbole, but he could’ve missed out on the deal of a lifetime. This goes back to what Christopher and I discussed. No matter how well we build the site, it will require maintenance, support, and TLC.

We’ve all seen the Direct TV commercials. Don’t be the “cable” business owner who misses out on the deal of a lifetime because your site went down or a plug in broke. Contact us today about our various maintenance and support packages at Alter Endeavors. We build incredibly sturdy and stable sites, but eventually even our sites will need maintenance and work. There is no one better to do it than a good website maintenance company.

And that’s the nature of the internet.