website redesign

Sometimes it can be hard to know where to start, especially when embarking on a website redesign. At Alter Endeavors, we try to break the process down into steps to get a clearer picture of what exactly we need to do to create a new and improved website for our clients. As an example of the steps we take, our Projects Assistant at AE, Rachel Clark, has narrowed it down to the three questions to ask before beginning a website redesign.

1) What is my timeframe/budget?

A lot of the time companies want to launch their site around a specific event such as a holiday, a book launch, a date that is relevant to their industry, etc. So when discussing your timeframe, you need to be sure to plan accordingly if you are trying to launch by a specific date or event. For example, our client Steve H Lawton planned to have the website redesign launch at the same time as his new book release for optimal traffic. After discussing your timeframe, it is time to figure out your budget. At AE, we discuss a baseline budget without clients at the beginning. That being said, we know that ideas and plans can change throughout the creative process of re-designing a website so we also discuss the importance of a “flexible budget” so that we can adjust along the way if necessary.

2) What do I want to change?

Next in line, is deciding how much of your website you want to change. Is it a single page, a quiz, or your whole website you want to revamp? Are you trying to keep your current content or completely redo what you have? What are you trying to change about the design of the website? Do you like your current colors and logo or do you want to create a completely new brand guide? All of these questions are important to consider before starting a website redesign.

3) Who do I want to work on it?

Your final decision to make before re-designing your website is who you want to work on this project. Do you want to do all of the work yourself? Do you have an employee who has website experience that you want to head up the project? Are you both going to collaborate together or are you going to give them the reins? Or, do you need to hire someone to do the re-design for you? When making this decision you need to consider who has the time necessary to take on this project. A website redesign can be a large task and you don’t want it to be forgotten about or swept under the rug because you are too busy to give it your energy and focus.

A lot of the time, our employees at AE are given different projects and tasks based off of their expertise or interest in the area. For example, our employee Nic Weiss was put on the team handling our client Aero Designed Systems because of his interest in how things work. By matching up our employees to clients in industries they are interested in, we are able to ensure the best overall performance we have to offer.

Now that you know the 3 questions to ask yourself before re-designing your website, it’s time to get the ball rolling. If you answered “who do I want to work on it” with hiring outside help, take a look at our Success Stories at Alter Endeavors and Contact Us if you like what you see!