best social media management

Alter Endeavors offers customized social media management, so we make it our business to know everything there is to know about the ever-changing industry to provide the best social media management. We often push what our social media team can do for a brand versus another company handling it, but that’s not our only competition. Brands that don’t have the time or resources to produce consistent content, but are nervous to hand their accounts over to a social media manager, may choose to use a service that automates their posts. Essentially this means that there isn’t a designated person deciding what and when to post. You decide what topics are relevant to your brand and the service chooses and schedules content accordingly.

While we do rely on statistics and performance data to devise our social media strategy, we only take this method so far. At Alter Endeavors, we boast that social media isn’t just about SEO! If you approach social media as simply a numbers game, you lose something incredibly valuable: the brand’s unique voice. Our strategy isn’t merely to get information out to the public, it is to create meaningful dialogues with your customers and community.

We have a habit of falling in love with the brands we work with. We don’t mean this in the inappropriate sense, but that we become attached to the people we work with and genuinely want to see them succeed in all aspects of life. We are a brand’s biggest cheerleader. We stress and celebrate with you. We are agile in our ability to change directions when necessary and we research your community as if we are a part of it. Think of the brands that you love and continue to be loyal to. There is a chance you are solely a fan because they offer a genuinely good product or service, but when a brand is active in area non-profits or uses local resources… it has the potential to deeply impact consumer decision making.

Alter Endeavors identifies what is unique about a brand and trust us, there is always something, and builds a brand identity that the community is proud to partner with. What we offer, that an automated service cannot, are messages with a personal touch that speak to who you are and what your company mission is. While posting consistent content is important, engagement with your audience is more so. It’s easy to send messages into the void. The key for best social media management is to send messages that are catered to your customer to such a degree that they must respond, or at least react with a quick like.

The Alter Endeavors social media team is proven to be quite good listeners. If you communicate to us that you would like to work some humor into your messaging, we’ll work it in. Who knows, maybe a Twitter account with 149k followers will take notice and reach out!

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Our job is to get your brand noticed by the right people for the right reasons. We achieve this by contributing curated content to the conversation, plus the occasional alliteration. We’re not the only brand with personality and we want the community you work in to get to know yours!