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A Gourd Harvest: Shared Secrets of Digital Marketing & Pumpkins

Growing your online presence has a lot more in common with growing pumpkins than you might think! Learn a few shared secrets of pumpkins and digital marketing.

Learn the Secrets to Good Pumpkin and Marketing Growth

With all this summer heat, my spooky heart is ready for harvest season and cooler temps. While trying to keep my remaining pumpkin vines alive and the upcoming harvest on my mind, why not discuss tending to your digital marketing garden and how to make it grow? Here are a few digital marketing growth tips sprinkled in with pumpkin growing tips:

a pumpkin on the vine


A good Go to Market Strategy will set you up for success and sustainable growth. Any good plan should start by assessing where you are on your marketing journey, making a plan to get you where you need to go, and identifying the growth stages that will indicate success.

Our garden needed a lot of planning. Pumpkin vines can quickly take over a garden, causing overcrowding. 


After your planning, it is time to plant! After your Go to Market is ready, it is time to optimize and execute because you are in prime planting season. The sooner you get your Go to Market in action, the sooner you will see the pumpkins of your labor.

Pumpkins can take 90 to 110 days to grow, and there is no rushing them. Much like your SEO, after planting, it needs time to show results, in some cases 6 to 12 months. 


Your garden should be watered consistently. Pumpkins need pruning to keep what is working and thriving and remove what isn’t. A pumpkin’s growth might be stunted if there is overcrowding, and they need care and optimal conditions to grow into healthy jack-o-lanterns.

Just like pumpkins, your digital marketing requires ongoing maintenance. You should irrigate your website with relevant keywords and post engaging and relevant content to your site and social media. 


Digital Marketing requires A/B Testing to learn what performs better for your target audience. A/B testing is comparing two versions of content against each other. To determine which performs better, A/B testing can be done with emails, PPC ads, social media posts, etc.

We did something similar this year to see how our pumpkins would do compared to last year. Last year we planted our pumpkins in late May, hoping they would be ready for Halloween. Little did we know a massive heat wave would hit and ruin most of our pumpkins. This didn’t give them much time to mature before the vines died. This year we planted earlier, and our Texas heat wave held off until Mid-June allowing most of our pumpkins to mature right before the unbearable heat. 


Along with careful planning, you need to know when your pumpkins are ready for harvest. Sure, October is still months away, but if you leave a pumpkin on the vine too long, it can rot.

Timing is also critical in digital marketing. If you continue running a campaign after a deadline or it has outlived its usefulness, you could end up leaving your audience confused and wasting money. You’ve got to know when to pivot, and do the research to know what to pivot to.

Digital Marketing and growing pumpkins are complex systems requiring thought, intention, and attention. It is sometimes necessary to go back to the basics to ensure we have a successful harvest and campaign. Don’t be afraid of trial and error.

If you need help growing and tending to your digital marketing garden, reach out to our team and you will be on your way to sustainable digital marketing growth in no time. 


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