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The Benefits of the WP Engine Agency Partner Program

We’ve joined the WP Engine Agency Partner program. Here’s what this means for our hosting and website management clients—and how this partnership boosts our website maintenance services.

AE Is Now an Agency Partner of WP Engine

Our mission at Alter Endeavors is to help service-based brands achieve sustainable growth through digital marketing, and having a well-maintained website is a requirement for success. No matter the size of the business, a brand needs a central platform that accurately reflects its services and is easy for users to navigate. 

Where both our Platform to SEO and Digital Marketing programs provide an efficient, systematic approach to building your platform from the ground up, our Website Management Services offer the same for maintaining your platform. Now, by joining the WP Engine Agency Partner Program, we’re able to provide even more streamlined hosting, management, and maintenance services for your website.

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Why Partner with WP Engine?

Website Management has been a core solution of Alter Endeavors since the beginning, the two key services being Basic Website Hosting and our Concierge Website Services (CWS) program. Hosting all client websites on private servers that we lease grants us control over the servers to directly manage the ebb and flow of traffic and handle things like backups and security on behalf of our clients. 

The CWS program takes this a step further by having our team manage all WordPress, theme, and plugin updates, as well as form submission testing. The CWS program also includes 1 hour of monthly support time towards any website edits or additions. This program is a result of client input—that small to medium-sized businesses need consistent backend website support, but not at a volume that requires a full-time website manager. 

For us, helping our clients achieve “sustainable growth” includes making strategic improvements to our services—both in what we offer and the way we offer it. This mindset has led us to work with some pretty great partners who approach business the same way. WP Engine is our newest partner to check the great service box in both of these ways.

WP Engine is known as the #1 hosting platform for WordPress websites, offering a litany of benefits across speed, performance, security, and customer service that all result in maximizing our clients’ results from a marketing standpoint. When the folks at WP Engine approached us about joining their Agency Partner Program—we had a lot of questions! After all, migrating 100+ websites to new servers is quite an undertaking, so we had to be sure the benefits were there. 

Ultimately, both what they offer and the way they offer it have led us to onboard as a WP Engine Agency Partner.

What Does This Mean for Our Clients?

There are no pricing changes to either our Basic Hosting or CWS program. If you’re reading this blog, it means all client websites have now been migrated to our new private WP Engine servers (and you may or may not have received an email from me in the past two months to establish DNS access). 

Included in our plan is the Smart Plugin Manager. Being that out-of-date plugins are the source of over 50% of security incidents on WordPress, this tool helps keep your site secure with automated WordPress plugin updates with auto-rollback. For our CWS clients, our team is automatically alerted of any auto-rollback notices and will resolve incompatibility issues on your behalf.

For our Basic Hosting clients, we recommend that you continue to check in on your site updates every month, but having this tool in place will help reduce both the risk faced when going months between updates and the amount of work required to get everything up to date.

Outside of the specific features of our new WP Engine servers, we are especially excited about the quality of customer service. We now have a dedicated account representative plus access to 24/7 support. While 95% of the time we can resolve server-related issues internally, having additional support is especially helpful for more complex issues and gives us peace of mind.

Are you a current hosting or CWS client with questions about our WP Engine partnership? Please feel free to reach out to us at alterendeavors.com/support. Are you looking for a new website host or website management company? Let’s talk!


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