While many companies know the importance of supplying interesting content as well as the importance of creating a well-thought-out strategy, the title “Content Strategist” is still not seen as often as you may think. While this role plays a key part in the success of any Digital Marketing company, the duties of this position are still unclear to many. At Alter Endeavors, we are privileged to work with an amazingly skilled Content Strategist, Teylor Schiefelbein, who is an integral part of our team, and we’ve asked her to share with you exactly what that role entails here at AE.

First off, what does Alter Endeavors do?

Alter Endeavors is a Digital Marketing Agency, which can mean a lot of things nowadays. For us, it means that we communicate your passion and brand to the world through any means (that fit within best practices) necessary. We specialize in social media integration, digital marketing strategies, and website design and development so that they work cohesively with your offline efforts. Each member of our team is diligently working towards the same goal: reintroducing the human element to digital marketing.

What do you do as a Content Strategist?

In order to reintroduce the human element to digital marketing, I first have to understand the person behind the brand. My first task as a Content Strategist when meeting a client is to listen. Before I can speak on your behalf and accurately represent your brand online, I have to have in-depth knowledge of your business and its product or service. It’s imperative that I understand your business goals, the audience that you’re trying to reach, and what makes your business unique. This knowledge is paramount in developing an authentic and consistent voice to use across all digital marketing efforts. Whether I’m crafting a message for a social media platform, a Facebook ad or website content — it will represent you and your brand in a human and relatable way.

Why is having a Content Strategist Important?

We know that effective communication is essential for healthy relationships, and the same applies to the business-to-consumer relationship. Effective communication is not a one-way channel; it is an open pathway that requires interaction from the sender and receiver, the business and the consumer. While having a website that contains accurate and updated information about your business is incredibly important, the conversation does not stop there. Consumers have an overwhelming number of options in the marketplace and not only do they demand accessible information — they demand to know why they should purchase from your business. As a Content Strategist, it is my job to form a relationship with your audience and convey how your particular brand is unique. I create and reinforce relationships with online users by sharing valuable industry information, community happenings and engaging content. 

At Alter Endeavors, we strive to have open, clear communication with all of our clients. We hope this was just that, an informative and interesting way to learn exactly what it is our Content Strategist does. Now, hopefully, there is only one question left: Where can I find a great Content Strategist to promote my brand? Look no further!