Business owners and entrepreneurs need to have an online presence. If you are considering a new website or updating your website, you might have some questions like: How much does a website cost? or How long does it take to build a website?  Aubrey Berkowitz, Alter Endeavors’ VP of Business Development, explains answers.

How much does a website cost?

AB: Ultimately, a website is an investment by your company in yourself. That investment should reflect not only who you are as a business but who you want to be in the future. Better websites sell more, it’s plain and simple. A website should be a tool to drive new or existing revenue streams. In reality, a good website is similar to adding a new employee (one that you can control their every word and action- how valuable is that!?!)

Internally we consider how many hours we estimate it will take to build the site. Our dev and design team will review the functionality needs alongside the design requirements. When we quote a site, we are estimating how many hours we will spend building the platform your brand needs with the proper messaging, calls to action, etc. If we are quoting $10,000 for a site, it’s because we are projecting no less than 140 hours of focus from our team on this project. And no, you cannot say that our hourly is roughly $70/hour. We could spend as much as 200 hours on a $10K project and as long as new criteria has not been requested, the $10K price point remains the same. The same logic applies to a $5K site or a $25K site. 

How long does it take to build a website?

AB: The secret sauce to our success at Alter Endeavors isn’t just our expertise but our process. A website typically takes 90 days. Within those 90 days, our COO Christopher Jennings leads in depth conversations about the optimal site map for a business, how that site map leads to design and ultimately how to integrate all of these into a final product with clear calls to action. Other factors also are built in such as the ability to access content about the business, approvals of design and so forth. As the saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day, but it was nearly burned down in one. There are no short cuts, and the devil’s in the details

Why should I choose AE over other competitors?

AB: We’re different at AE. And we love it. Our goal at AE is to bring a human element to digital marketing and specifically web design and development. There are companies out there that promise clients websites quick and cheap- and they deliver both of those. However, the end result often reflects that. When working with Alter Endeavors, there is always someone to call, there is always someone on the team dedicated to your business. Our process is second to none and because of the combination of our expertise and process, the sites we build help take our clients to next level in their business.

Why should I only appoint one point of contact and decision-maker to work with AE when creating a new website?  Why can’t everyone weigh in?

AB: There’s nothing wrong with input from multiple people during the process. However, the process can be derailed by a lack of coherent vision or definitive decision making. Christopher uses his expertise to make the best decision for our clients most of the time, but he can be handicapped by being pulled in multiple directions. At the end of the day, from our experience, projects usually run smoother with stronger results if there is one person who has the final call and makes the decisions.

If I get a new website won’t I need everything else— SEO, social media, etc?

AB: Your website is really just the hub for your marketing efforts. While we don’t require SEO and social media from our clients, they add immense value to the overall functionality of the site. Here’s a metaphor we use: your business is your house you are trying to sell. Without SEO, you are relying for people to drive by your house to know it’s for sale. Some will see it, the majority won’t. Social Media is akin to telling all of your friends about your house for sale, and giving them the ability to tell their friends, and so on. Our most successful clients have always implemented a cohesive strategy between their website, SEO and social media.

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