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Lead Generation for HVAC Companies

Here’s what you need to know about lead generation for HVAC companies and how leveraging digital marketing avenues can drive significantly more business.

What Makes Lead Generation for HVAC Different

Effective lead generation for HVAC companies looks a little different than other industries, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a headache. Whether you’re a company opening in a new area or a business that’s been serving your community for decades, there are a few things that you can do to make sure that you’re regularly bringing in new leads to keep your business growing as well as serving your customers as comprehensively as possible.

Lead generation for HVAC companies is vital for the growth of your business – here’s how to do so effectively:

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The Local Focus

The local focus of HVAC businesses makes a big difference in targeting, advertising strategy, and messaging. 

Advertising through paid placements on search engines are incredibly effective for HVAC companies, especially those with a well defined service area and quick response times. Especially in climates like that of central Texas, once someone’s HVAC system stops working in the middle of the summer, they’re going to be ready to get that fixed immediately. When it comes to driving leads, advertising through search engines is easily one of the most effective strategies that can be deployed for HVAC professionals. 

Since almost all HVAC businesses rely on a specific service area, this is where you want to ensure you’re prominently represented organically on search engines, social media, and other local listing sites like Yelp and Apple Maps. When potential customers have a need, well, they need it now, so it’s vital that your business is represented in a way that makes it easy for people to find you based on what services you offer rather than exclusively for your business’ name. Organic search, along with search engine advertising, is one of the strategies with the highest ROI for HVAC businesses, especially given that this strategy will continue to drive traffic for months and years to come, even if you’re no longer executing on the strategy. 

We recently hosted a webinar that covers the opportunity that service-based businesses have with paid search and SEO—you can view that here for more information!

The Immediacy of Customers’ Needs

As mentioned above, one of the biggest advantages that HVAC companies have over other industries is the immediacy that drives the majority of new leads—malfunctioning equipment (no matter if it’s warm or cold outside) that needs fixing ASAP to make the customer’s home comfortable again. This advantage paired with being prominently featured on search engines within the business’ service area is a true recipe for lead generation success. 

Communicate Trustworthiness

Your customers need to trust you (and your technicians) to enter their home and provide top level service at a reasonable price. They also need to trust that your team members are going to actually show up when they say that they will and treat all customers (and their family members) kindly and respectfully. Unfortunately, the home services industry can get a bad rap sometimes for the behavior of previous service providers, and it falls on your business to dispel those preconceived notions. Communicating your business’ trustworthiness can be done effectively through messaging on your website, social media, and listings on search engines, as well as by making a concerted effort to collect as many positive public reviews as possible. 

Whether you’re located in central Texas, like us, or somewhere with a significantly cooler climate, HVAC businesses are vital to keeping homes comfortable year-round. If your HVAC company is looking to drive leads, follow the tips above or reach out Alter Endeavors to talk about a tailored strategy that will drive leads, create customers who advocate for your business, and ensure that your company is prominently featured within all search engines in your service area. We specialize in marketing for HVAC professionals and are experienced with the equipment, sales process, and even the co-op programs of manufacturers like Lennox. 


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