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Why PPC Management Is Ideal for Service-Based Businesses

Any business that provides a specific service within a defined service area can reap the benefits of PPC advertising. Here are a few key reasons why PPC management is such an effective tool for small and medium service-based businesses.

Why PPC Management? The Right Leads for Service-Based Businesses

It’s no secret that search engine marketing, or SEM, is a viable strategy for all businesses to increase traffic to your website over time, but not all industries see the same returns. A presence on search engines is beneficial for businesses of all sizes, but that is especially true for those who own and/or operate service based businesses—examples include HVAC, roofers, mechanics, plumbers, doctors, accountants, landscaping… you get the idea! 

When it comes to getting started with search engine marketing, organic traffic can take time to build up momentum and start sending leads through your site. That’s where pay-per-click advertising, or PPC, comes in! Any business that provides a specific service and has either a brick-and-mortar location or a defined service area can reap the benefits of PPC advertising. Here are a few key reasons why PPC management is such an effective tool for small and medium service-based businesses.

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Demand Drives Traffic and Leads

A huge reason as to why PPC management is so effective for small businesses—especially service-based businesses—is that traffic is driven by local demand. Those searching for a plumber or HVAC technician likely are looking to solve a problem as soon as possible, and local businesses that are prominently featured in search results are in a prime position to address this need. There is no “cold audience” with PPC advertising for service-based businesses.

PPC Advertising is Cost Effective

With PPC ad campaigns, you have complete control over how much you’re willing to spend since you only pay when visitors click the link leading to your website or landing page. Any ads that are shown but not clicked on are effectively free visibility for your business. This makes PPC management a much more cost-effective digital marketing service for small to medium-sized businesses, who typically have more limited budget space.

PPC Advertising Produces Immediate Results

Although organic ranking is great, it sometimes takes months or even years to get on the first page within search engines. With properly optimized PPC ads, you can dominate the top of search engine results pages within hours of launching your campaign.

Easily Control and Test Your PPC Ads

It’s easy to control the keywords you’re targeting, ad placement, or budget with PPC ads. Immediate results allow you to make quick decisions and refine your campaigns in days rather than weeks or months. This also cuts down on the amount of money spent in the pursuit of real data. 

Specifically Target Your Ideal Customers

As we mentioned before, with PPC ads you can skip right past cold audiences to target a warm audience that’s ready to buy your products and services. To take this a step further, PPC advertising also allows you to target specific locations, demographics, past online behavior, and more. This not only allows you to refine your audience, it also allows you to make sure that all of your advertising budget is going towards reaching the exact audience that has the highest chance to engage with your business. 

PPC Advertising Helps You Rank with Low Overall Domain Ratings

Keywords have become increasingly competitive. This makes it more difficult for a business with a low domain authority to get into the top rankings on a search engine or in front of its target audience on a social platform in a short period of time. 

This isn’t the case with PPC advertising, as you can get a foothold on the front page of search results within a matter of hours. You can hold these positions through PPC advertising indefinitely or until your organic strategy is producing results for the same keyword. For small businesses who may have just launched their website, this makes PPC management an excellent avenue to overcome one of the early challenges in growing your presence online.

Data from PPC Advertising Can Improve Your SEO strategy

Even if you dedicate more time and budget to PPC advertising, you shouldn’t ditch your search engine optimization efforts altogether—your paid advertising should complement your SEO strategy instead of replacing it. 

It’s important to know that SEO is a long-term strategy, and will pay for itself many times over with time. But while your organic strategy builds momentum, you can lean on PPC advertising to sustain your business’s lead flow needs and use the data from your PPC campaigns to refine your organic strategy and continue to expand your business’ digital presence. 

Experts in PPC Management for Service Businesses Large and Small

PPC is a powerful tool for all businesses, but that’s especially true for small and medium service-based businesses! At Alter Endeavors, we’ve seen firsthand how these techniques work to generate sustainable leads for businesses of all sizes. To learn more about PPC, SEO, and how they can be optimally leveraged alongside one another, check out our 30-minute webinar here

And if your business is ready to jumpstart its lead flow, reach out to us here to discuss PPC management, SEO, or anything digital marketing! 


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