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Why should you work with Alter Endeavors?

Relationship drives engagement. Engagement drives conversions online. Alter Endeavors helps brands build relationships to drive that return on investment and relationships are a lot more than just building site traffic or page likes.


Our goal is to restore the human element to the web.  We’re all just a bunch of humans stuck behind a bunch of screens.  According to the Nielson report the average American spends 11 hours per day on electronic gadgets.  We want to help our clients reach their audience—which inevitably is behind a screen almost 70% of their waking lives.  We specialize in helping brands form human relationships online – a feat easier said than done. Sure, we base a lot of the decisions we make for a client’s platform off of analytics and data, but the conversations, reactions and relationships folks have online, offline, internally or with others don’t always translate to a spreadsheet, and we have to account for that. 

Word of mouth referrals are the #1 way we get new clients.  If you are a current client reading this, thank you for referring someone else to us.  We’re not just in the business of acquiring new clients, we’re in the business of keeping clients.  After we build your website or help you reach a particular objective, we want to stick around and perform ongoing site maintenance, continually consult with you to help you meet changing needs and keep up with the evolving world online.  This ensures that we are accountable to you.  Alter Endeavors is a digital business, but laid bare we are in the human relationship business. While helping you form a relationship with your potential clients, we are busy developing a personal relationship with you! Why?  Because our business runs on relationships. For us, it’s a mission statement, not a just a sales tactic. 

You’re the Expert of You’re Brand.

Many digital agencies specialize in one particular industry.  We serve a broad range of clients from authors, doctors and thought leaders to local companies that provide home-based services to national clients with one common thread – they want to build relationships and community with their intended audience.  Some may argue that depth is better than breadth; however, our individual-based approach forces us to evaluate your brand’s position in your particular industry, zone in on what makes your brand unique and really listen to you, the expert.  You’re the expert of your brand, but we can help you craft and broadcast a particular message to reach your targeted audience to begin building that community.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All.

We build websites, craft SEO campaigns, develop brand voice, design logos, create online marketing strategies, maintain different brands’ digital footprints and much more.  We aren’t trying to sell you a full suite of services, but we have to be ready to accommodate all of our clients’ digital needs. Because we know no one is an expert in everything, if we don’t offer something in house, Alter Endeavors fosters relationships with a wide array of experts in all areas of digital marketing that we trust to work alongside us to fulfill our clients’ needs. 


If you represent or run a nonprofit, we will work with you on price, we’ve done it before and don’t want cost to necessarily inhibit your nonprofit’s ability to reach others online. Having said that, we admit that it’s not always a good fit or our pipeline is full. If we do have to pass on a project, it’s our policy to give the best advice possible to help find the right solution in that situation.  

In the for-profit sector, we are a business that understands it takes a lot to run a business.  Many of our clients pay half upfront and half upon completion when it comes to a new website.  However, we have worked with many of our clients that need to pay over the course of a few months.  Don’t let cost keep you from reaching your online audience.

We’ll Answer the Phone.

It’s funny that as a company that specializes in being online, one of the things we are most well-known for is answering the phone.  A longtime client, Wade Lombard, one of the owners of Square Cow Movers, said it the best when referring us – “Nick is one of the few business owners I know that will actually answer the phone.”  

Ready to start a relationship with Alter Endeavors?  Call Nick at 512-289-1071 or contact us online (if that’s your thing).