Catch Engine-The Assessment Tool


We built a quiz tool that delivers.

The awesome power of The Quiz is yours!

Everyone takes quizzes. Chances are you know what Disney Princess you are, or what planet you should live on. Our proprietary assessment tool, Catch Engine, puts this potent engagement strategy in your hands.

What’s your objective? We can build a quiz for that.

Add names to your mailing list, gather data, or employ a customer feedback process that gives you the opportunity to respond before it hits social media—our assessments can be tailored for a variety of purposes. Each has the same objective–information you can use.

Support Your Book: Tie into your prime messaging and increase interest in your new book, like Jennifer Kahnweiler.

Customers Satisfied: Square Cow Moover’s satisfaction quiz alerts the customer service team, who can reach out proactively.

Go Viral: Katty Kay and Claire Shipman’s confidence quizzes have been taken by over 300,000 people.

Stroke Their Egos: Dr. Craig Malkin informs the reader of their level of narcissism.

Talk to our Catch Engine team to craft a custom assessment for your needs.

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