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The CWS Program: Website Management for Small Businesses

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Spend More Time on What You Do Best

Business owners and leaders are constantly fighting to prioritize working on their business rather than in—something I can say from personal experience is easier said than done! We’re all aware that our time is better spent planning for the future, but instead, find ourselves dealing with present-day fires. And while I could write an entire blog series on operational systems and efficiency, this article addresses what you can delegate today to save yourself a considerable amount of time and numerous headaches within your small business operations: your website management.

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Does Your Small Business Need a Website Management Partner?

We typically find small and medium-sized business owners that don’t have a dedicated solution for website management are typically in one of two camps. I say “website maintenance” and camp one immediately diverts their eyes, as they’ve put off logging into the backend to update plugins or foundational information about their business. Whereas camp two loves to put on a “developer” cap and spend a couple of hours tinkering to solve an issue a developer would have likely solved in 20 minutes!

For solopreneurs and small to medium-sized businesses that recognize the importance of keeping your website updated, but don’t have the resources to hire an in-house website manager and recognize their own talents are better applied elsewhere—we offer our Concierge Website Services program. 

This monthly program is $250 per month ($350 for e-commerce sites), paid monthly, and includes the following services:

Hosting & Back-Ups

  • We provide safe, secure, and best-in-class hosting. We lease and manage our servers from WP Engine and we take care of support issues related to site uptime and backups through them for you.
  • Daily Site Backups* [rolling 7-day backups, 4 weekly, 12 monthly] 

Monthly Updates

  • Necessary core, WordPress theme, and plugin updates for security and stability and you will be notified via email once completed.
  • Quality Assurance checks after updates to look for issues on the website.

Ongoing Support

  • 1 hour of support through our ticketing system is included each month, to be used towards website-related design, content, coding, training, etc. Can build up to 3 support hours in reserve at a time (if you don’t use an hour one month, it will roll over to the next month with a max of 3 hours in reserve at a time). 
  • Our typical response time on support tickets (from a real person!) is within the same business day.
  • A reduced hourly rate of $100/hour for additional support time during normal business hours – (9AM-6PM CST Mon – Fri)
  • A reduced emergency hourly rate – $200/hour (instead of $250/hour) for any immediate support time needed outside of business hours.

Ready to Learn More? Submit a Ticket!

Have questions about the program? Submit them through our ticketing system to test out our response time at alterendeavors.com/support. Now, back to that strategic business plan you were working on!


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