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Business owners and entrepreneurs need to have an online presence. If you are considering a new website or updating your website, you need to read this. Aubrey Berkowitz, Alter Endeavors’ VP of Business Development, explains why a web presence is essential to any trade.

I have been running my business without a website just fine, why do I need an online presence?

AB: While it is possible to run a business without an online presence, you are severely handicapping your business in the future. Not only will it become important to have a website in the future, but also, mobile responsive websites will become imperative. According to Google, there are around 600 million mobile searches a day. These numbers are only expected to grow and your website needs to be ready to meet these customers.

How often does a website need to be updated?

AB: Technology is changing. The recommended time between website updates is 2 years, 3 years maximum. Similar to the fluid nature of technology, what makes a website effective is always changing with new plug ins and features. Think about it this way- in approximately a year, it will have been 10 years since the first iPhone was released. Technology and web browsing has rapidly changed. In 2018, Google will celebrate its 20th anniversary- the youth of these established companies alone illustrates how web browsing and the internet in general is still evolving.

What sorts of elements might indicate that my website is out of date?

AB: One of the most important factors in your SEO rankings is whether or not your site is mobile responsive. If your site is not mobile responsive, you are losing dollars- plain and simple. Mobile responsive means that your website will adapt to fit the screen of whatever platform the site is being accessed from. Older websites often have simpler designs and can be easy to recognize. Much has changed in the last couple of years in terms of options that web designers can implement to increase the aesthetic appeal of websites. For example, if you have clip art anywhere on your website, it’s time for a new website.

Isn’t a website just putting our already existing information online?

AB: Yes and No. Yes, you are disseminating information to your potential customers that they could find at your location (if you have a brick and mortar) or by contacting your business. However, your website also broadcasts your brand to the world. It allows you to control the messaging of your information, how users interact with your information, and what calls to action you would like your customers to take. For example, your calls to action can greatly effect what information your users access. At Alter Endeavors, all of the sites we build are focused on user experience and productivity. With clear calls to action and a well branded web site, a business can direct potential customers to relevant information and build a personal relationship with that customer.

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