Our goal at Alter Endeavors is to bring a unique strategy to our clients’ digital marketing ecosystem. We work with a wide variety of clients, but our most successful clients are those looking to drive engagement with their brand, rather than just short-term success. This includes both nurturing a brand’s community and identifying relevant leads. Catch Engine is a lead generation tool we often recommend to our clients because of its ability to grow email lists, amass leads, build data-sets, and so much more.

When we’re approached by small businesses, a question we’re often asked is, “How can I grow my business? I spend around 15 hours a week cold calling and attend every networking event I can. Surely there is something else I can do to help convert referrals to sales?”

Let’s say a particular company offers retirement assistance. Using Catch Engine, we would create a simple quiz asking, “Are You Prepared for Retirement?.” This quiz would then live on their website and could be circulated using social media advertising. In order to receive his or her results, the quiz taker is first required to input their email address. The email they receive following the quiz is completely customizable and is an opportunity to introduce the business and demonstrate how its services can be of help to anyone who is, in fact, not ready for retirement. By knowing where the client is in his or her retirement journey, you now have the information you need to follow-up accordingly. If the relationship requires more nurturing, you can easily continue the conversation through Email Marketing, and send your newfound audience monthly or bi-weekly newsletters. 

Catch Engine is the ultimate lead generation tool, as it allows us to grow your sales pipeline with high efficiency and low cost. Email Marketing then allows us to follow-up with the individuals who would benefit from your product or service most. The combination of these two services are our answers to every small business owner’s question: How can I grow my business? 

If you’re curious to see Catch Engine at work, here are a few examples of assessments Alter Endeavors has made for our clients:

For any follow-up questions regarding Catch Engine as a lead generation tool, contact us!