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Teylor Schiefelbein

The Platform to DM Program

Our Platform to Digital Marketing (Platform to DM) program provides a direct and clear path from new business to sustainable brand.

Build Your Platform and Your Brand

As an ongoing partner to 150+ brands, Alter Endeavors has helped more than 300 clients sustain and scale their business since 2011. Through this experience, we have seen firsthand how overwhelming the process of getting a small business off the ground can be. From day one, major decisions need to be made across sales, marketing, operations, legal, HR… the list goes on. And while it’s common to outsource to vertical experts along the way, you still need to select the right people for the job and set clear expectations.

With all of the above in mind, we tailored our Platform to Digital Marketing (Platform to DM) program to provide a direct and clear path from new business → sustainable brand.

The Core Objectives of the Program

This program was specifically designed for small to medium service-based business owners who need a search engine optimized website, a detailed digital marketing strategy, and an ongoing partner to execute said strategy—and who have no time to waste. 

When building this process, we did so with the following five objectives at the forefront:

  1. Build your platform. Present options from the AE Catalog based on exploratory conversations and the end result is a custom-branded, search-engine-optimized website complete with compelling copy that is ready to convert users in 6 weeks.
  2. Create compelling content for the platform. Develop content for the platform while allowing you to participate in real-time with the process—ensuring copy solves the pain points for your ideal customer.
  3. Drive organic traffic to the platform. Conduct intentional keyword research to then select optimal terms to apply to site content & optimize core pages according to SEO best practices.
  4. Conduct a Brand Audit & Develop a Go to Market Strategy. Evaluate the brand’s current positioning and create a strategy that prioritizes sustainable lead generation to meet your businesses’ goals.
  5. Deploy your Go to Market Strategy. Following strategy development, we will own implementation, while reporting on critical success metrics in our mission to drive sustainable leads.

With these 5 objectives agreed upon, we are able to easily communicate where we are in the process, pull you in at pivotal points to provide feedback or approval, and move confidently on to the next phase. At the close of the 6-month program, we will assess what worked well and what didn’t before drawing up what an ongoing engagement should look like.

Which Program Is Best for You?

Separate from our Platform to DM program, the Platform to SEO program serves those who need a search engine optimized website and either don’t have a need for a more robust marketing strategy or already have those pieces being executed upon. Meanwhile, the Platform to DM program is ideal for businesses that need a search engine optimized website, a detailed marketing strategy, AND a partner to carry out said strategy to meet their growth goals.

If you have any questions about the particulars of this new offering, feel free to shoot me an email at teylor@alterendeavors.com as I’d be more than happy to assess whether this program would be a good fit for your next venture.


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