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C1 Development develops and invests in high-quality, multifamily housing for America’s missing middle. By partnering with Alter Endeavors, C1 Development entrusted us with first creating their Brand, including their written narrative, visual identity, and a Go to Market strategy. From there, we delivered a simple and modern platform that puts the problem they solve, who they solve it for, and what makes C1 Development uniquely better than other real estate developers at the forefront.

Paint Point: The need to stand out as a new brand in a saturated market.

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We approach “Brand” in 3 parts: written narrative, visual identity, and strategy. To develop a compelling narrative, key decision makers undergo an exploratory process, coupled with market, competitor, and audience research. We then base their visual identity and Go to Market strategy on their target audiences and what they care about most. The end result is a brand that champions America’s missing middle.



The website for C1 Development needed to appeal to several different audiences while maintaining a simple, streamlined user flow. We accomplished this in the wireframe phase of the project by thinking through what each audience would be looking for when landing on the homepage and placing key calls to action throughout. We then applied the branding to the wireframe in a manner that is consistent and engaging.


Website Content

As a real estate developer with close ties to Virtus Real Estate Capital, C1 Development needed content that would highlight the strengths of that partnership while leaving the C1 brand room to grow and flourish on its own. The content achieves this balance, building credibility through Virtus’s existing prestige while underscoring the critical mission that is central to C1: developing desperately needed multifamily housing for America’s working class.

The website content speaks to an audience of potential channel partners, investors, and government officials in order to generate excitement for both the financial benefits of working with C1 and their vision for the future of housing.

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